Friday, March 20, 2009

Austrian clubs seek ways to lower costs

At a meeting in Salzburg, the representatives of the all Erste Bank Liga clubs discussed ways to navigate the current financial situation especially since the collapse of the Innsbruck franchise. An agreement was made to reduce team budgets starting with the 2009-10 season. Complete details will be outlined in an upcoming meeting on May 15th. Teams will be expected to save on any new signings as well as on existing contracts, in some cases with the help of the player agents. According to league president, Karl Nedwed, these are just a couple of the options available. Starting in the 2010-11, a salary cap will be instituted to give the clubs some actual structure to work with.

It was also decided that the EBEL will line up once again with 10 teams. It would appear all but certain that Zagreb from Croatia will be taking Innsbruck's place next season. A final decision will take place at the meetings in May.

On a different topic, neither the player point system or a reduction in the number of allowable foreigner players will be changed for 2009-10.

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